Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stuck inside?

I am sitting here writing this while the wind and rain rip through the Bay Area. This kind of storm is unusual for where we live. We are not used to being stuck indoors, power outages or even flooding that keeps us from getting where we need to go (like work!). Friends of mine are telling me that this storm has kept them and their husbands from getting to work by either traffic problems from flooding or power outages at work.

But hey, we live here in California so we can get outdoors with our kids. So what do we do with our kids when we are stuck inside with them while the rain and wind go crazy?

Both of my parents are teachers, founding La Petite Baleen Swim Schools. Growing up my parents were often finding learning opportunities with every day activities. My mom is very creative and would set up indoor tea parties on our blankies, put raisins, cookies, cheese in little tea trays and we would make tea.

But our family does have one indoor rainy art project that we profess to be ours: Crayon Art.

Crayon Art involves putting tin foil on a skillet on the stove. Warming it hot and drawing with crayons onto the foil while it melts. Of course this is a parental supervised project but oh the hours of fun! After they dry, they can be cut into shapes, made into Christmas ornaments. The swirl and mixture of melted colors can come out like a sunset. Or a pile of brown for the younger kids:)

Some other indoor rainy activities that don't involve TV?

Shaving cream play
Kids needlepoint
Card and board games
Long baths:)

Blog readers, please share some of your family indoor rainy day projects.

But even though I am "stuck" inside with 4 kids, I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. They make me laugh, challenge me and change me. Try to remember these are the memories they will have of you when they get older. Love em, chew on em and kiss em with abandon!

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