Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year! As a mom, I can't tell you the last time I stayed up till midnight. And this year was no different. But I am glad I live on the West coast and can watch the ball drop in New York. Call me crazy but I think all those people are crazy for being out there in the freezing cold super late at night. I wonder what the introvert/extrovert stats are out there?

I have been doing a lot of studying lately on introverts and extroverts and it is very interesting. One of the best books, The Introvert Advantage, was great. I highly recommend parents learn about themselves and then start looking for clues in their children about where they are on the spectrum of introversion and extroversion.

And to clarify, an introvert is not anti-social. It has to do with where you derive you energy from. Does being in large groups, going to parties and entertaining excite and energize you (kind of like the New Years late night celebration)? Does the thought of those things exhaust you? An introvert gets energy from more quiet, restful, refueling times.

I know that my oldest son, 8, is clearly an extrovert. When he was younger it was too hard to tell. But now that he shows interest and can be more in charge of what he likes to do, he is an attention lover and always ready for the next party. It energizes him, increasing his motions and excitement. Knowing that my husband and I are introverts, so far my next child who is 6 and even my 3 year old are introverts. They need to mellow out and calm down alone during the day. Of course they love parties but also need to get to the refuel station.

Do you know where you are on the spectrum? Your spouse? read about introverts and extroverts and start studying your kids. It helps you know how to parent them.

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  1. Introvert here...Tatum too I think. Tanner seems to eb pretty social, but it's too soon to tell. I am married to an extrovert though :)