Saturday, August 1, 2009


When John and I started the swim school in 1979 we were both teaching public school. I had taken many child development classes in college too. So when we decided we would start our swim school, I already had a vision of something very different from anything else I had seen.

I had also carefully watched my three young babies swimming; I could see that other swim programs had "missed the boat" on how children learn. I grew up as a very young child with a swimming pool in the backyard, and four younger siblings that I was often responsible for. This all gave me a lot of strong ideas about children, water and learning.

In addition to the concept of an "aquatic classroom", other regular school institutions seemed to make sense to me. Homework was one of them. Children will repeat over and over a new skill and if it is fun and playful, all the better. I thought it was something parents and children could do together outside our 'classroom' to cement physical skills while enjoying each others company. A win-win scenario for sure!

Often our staff will give a homework suggestion if a child needs a boost. It's important to know that homework should be fun and companionable and any parent can look up homework suggestions on our website. The list includes ideas for each level of ribbon awards.

Some of these ideas can get your own creative juices flowing to make up more silly and fun games to stimulate swim skills. Being 'silly' with your child is a great way of staying young yourself, building bonds with your children.

Please ask deck staff if you don't understand the premise for these homework suggestions or, check in with deck staff if you have questions about your homework prowess. Doing the land exercises is good for your body too and I bet the kids love seeing you participate this way.

Have fun!


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