Sunday, September 23, 2012

Skin Care

It's Fall!  I've been busy this summer.  Sorry to have been gone so long but I thoroughly enjoyed my children this summer.  We did many field trips and swam a ton.

Now that it is fall and the weather is cooling off, I always remind my parents to PUT LOTION ON YOUR KIDS AFTER SWIMMING!  This is so important.  Chlorinated water and dry cold air can be so irritating to skin.  This should be done before going home, right after you get out of the pool and rinse off.

I think it is best to immediately rinse off with water only.  Soap is made with chemicals (remember that chemistry lab?).  Using soap is adding additional chemicals to your skin.  So rinse with plain water.

Next apply lotion (any kind you like), all over!  At our house we do this after showering and bathing as well.

My youngest baby has ECZEMA.  I know some of you parents have kids with this skin condition.  It can flare up simply from cold weather or being in the sun. Here is what a mild case looks like:

It is common in the folds of the skin.  Diaper area, elbow and knee creases as well as the face.  My son gets flare ups on the back of his thighs on his diaper area where the diaper rubs.  I use baby powder to help keep any chafing down.  When there is a flare up from playing outside or something I have good results using the Weleda Calendula brand of creams and lotions.  It really calms his eczema and skin.  It smells great and is all natural.  This can be found at Whole Foods, New Leaf or any other health food stores.  Here is what it looks like:

I use the lotion as well as the cream.  

A more mainstream lotion that I also use that works well at keeping flare ups at bay is the Aveeno brand Eczema Therapy Lotion.  This works really well and I notice less flare ups on my baby.  I get mine at Target:

If your child does not have eczema, then any lotion will do.  

Lube those babies and kiddos up.  Keep their skin super soft and kissable!

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