Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Safety Part 2

Summer is just around the corner.  My sister Anya and I have been doing summer safety talks at pre-schools and for Mother's Clubs.  Boy are we ready for a break from school and schedule.  We want to frolic and play and travel.  And of course our kids want to be in the water constantly.

Here are some more reminders for summer safety:

Around the pool:

  • Remember, lifeguards should be considered an extra set of one will watch your child as closely as YOU...especially at pool parties where adults are often distracted.
  • Wear a "Water Watcher" bracelet or a necklace as a physical reminder of who is in charge of watching the water.  A simple rubber band around the wrist or a fun Hawaiian lei can do the trick. When the water watcher needs a break, they must find a replacement and "pass the baton" to another responsible adult.
Different Bodies of Water:

  • Standing Water is water that does not move.  Some of these bodies of water can be colder (or warmer) than La Petite Baleen water.  Some of them may be darker, deeper or shallower.  It's important to discuss depth, clarity and temperature with your child before swimming in them.  Examples include:
  • Lakes
  • Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Ponds

  • Moving Water can be the most dangerous body of water.  In addition to temperature, depth and clarity difference, moving water adds the element of power.  Discuss how waves and currents work and how to stay in a safety zone.  Life jackets are always recommended when swimming in moving bodies of water.  Examples include:
  • Beach/Ocean
  • Rivers, creeks and streams
  • Whirlpool bathtubs and hot tubs
Please explore this link, there is a wealth of information.  

Have fun and be safe this summer!

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