Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is it H1N1?

So all 4 of my kids had the H1N1 a few weeks ago. But how did I know it was the old swine flu? Well my Dr. told me it starts with a cough and then on to the high fever for a few days and could be accompanied with vomiting or "the runs". Each of my kids got one of those. But most importantly, the extreme soreness in the muscles after the fever is gone.

When my sturdy 90lb 8 year old son fell out of bed crying on the 4th day, he said he couldn't move, his legs and arms hurt so much. This is coming from a kid who dances, swims, skis and does triathlons. So for him to experience this kind of muscle soreness was very unusual. But, my pediatrician said the H1N1 is manifesting itself with this extreme soreness after the fever.

The flu also had the exact same trajectory with each kid. Slowly picking them off from oldest to youngest. Luckily I got some Tamiflu (an anti-viral drug) , for the younger 2 and they had milder cases.

Phew, we survived. But what about those of you who want the vaccine but can't get it or just don't want the vaccine? Do you stay inside all winter? You already know about the coughing in your elbow and washing your hands like crazy. But did you know that swimming is one of the safest things to do this winter? Exercising in warm water keeps your immune system strong. Chlorine kills germs! Although we use small amounts of chlorine, our Diotenatious Earth filters, UV light and salt water team up to have an extremely clean environment for our children. Sorry viruses, this environment is just not for you!

That being said, swimming in our 90 degree pool comes in real handy on those cold rainy days where the kids need to get out and run around. We all know that feeling, "should I take them to Sports Basement to run around"? "the mall"? Lots of families swim twice a week in the winter to make sure their kids are getting enough exercise. This in turn keeps their lungs strong through the winter....but that my friends is another post!

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