Thursday, November 19, 2009

Introducing Myself! Liesl Taner

Hi Everyone,

I just want to let you all know that I will be taking over this blog. But after reading over my mom's (Lita Irene) posts, I hope I can have as much insight and knowledge pouring out of me. As you all know, La Petite Baleen (LPB) is a family business. My sister, Anya and I grew up teaching lessons and living in the pool (no joke, 5 hours a day!) I look forward to sharing stories of growing up, parenting, marriage, and faith.

I am happily married for almost 10 years and am the mother of 4 kiddos. Brooks 8, Channing 6, Vaughn 3, and Charis 1 (on Christmas Day!). I homeschool my older 2 kids as well as work part time at LPB teaching. I just LOVE teaching kids in the water! It's like a dance of love and understanding.

I'm going to keep this short. All 4 of my kids have had the H1N1 Flu this week as well as my bronchitis for the last 8 weeks. Healing is on my "to do" list. I want to have conversation with all of you who read this blog, a relationship. I love to hear your comments!

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