Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Celebrate Subs!

The student/teacher bond is one of the most powerful relationships in existence. At LPB, we strive to provide consistent teachers for our students. Like most other learning environments, the swimming pool requires a great deal of trust which is often formed over time.

That having been said, even the most experienced swim teacher who has had a student for multiple years may invariably run into a plateau of sorts. It might not even be noticeable. It could be that one thing holding them back from their next diving or climbing out of the pool.

Enter the substitute.

Students can learn more from a variety of teaching personalities

Our staff can help make a substitute something to celebrate!
While every teacher at LPB teaches the same developmental curriculum, each teacher brings their own unique style of teaching to the pool. For example, LPB is famous for teaching "Up-Faces". While all of our teachers use similar layers and equipment, each teacher may provide a slight variation of verbal or emotional feedback or energy. What works for some students may not be as effective with others based on personality and learning styles. It could be a simple change of wording, or innovative use of equipment that "clicks" in the student's brain.

On more than one occasion, I've come back from a day off and found that my students learned something new from their substitute! It's not unusual that they suddenly break through a barrier with a substitute because perhaps the student/teacher relationship had gotten stuck in a rut, or perhaps another teachers perspective simply saw something I'd been missing.

So, when you learn that your child has a substitute at swim class...celebrate! I guarantee they will learn something new.

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  1. This is true; a new teacher can stretch a swimmer's skills to new levels. Children "own" their own skills when they realize they and not the teacher has made them a swimmer.