Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who's Who at LPB

Communication is the key to so many things, and swim lessons are no different. It's important for parents and students to have a good understanding of how much they've accomplished and what elements they need to accomplish. LPB has multiple avenues for parents to get this 'intel' on their child's swimming:

  • Deck Support: The Deck Support provides feedback and support for teachers. They oversee general safety, class progress and teacher performance. They serve as the liaison between parents and teachers through both written and verbal communication. Still not sure who this is? Just ask at the Swimformation desk or look for their name which is posted on the deck
  • Parent-Teacher Communication Form: Want to send your teacher an email? Fill our the Parent-Teacher Communication Form on our website and your teacher will respond before your next lesson. 
  • Progress Report: Want a physical report on your student's progress? Request a progress report either online through the Parent-Teacher Communication Form or through your Deck Support.
  • Director on Duty: Have a question or concern regarding your experience at LPB? Ask to speak with the Director on Duty, their name is posted by the Swimformation desk.
  • Online Feedback: We want to hear from you! Please contact us online through the "Feedback" form so we can address your concern.
  • Whale Done! Do you love your teacher? Fill out a "Whale Done" at the Swimformation desk. These cute postcards are shared with the entire staff, including management as well as the teacher earning the praise. We love getting Whale Dones!

Still not sure who to talk to? Here's a who's-who at LPB:
  • Site Director: Oversees location, director of management.
  • Director on Duty: Manager of any given shift, handles questions or concerns about policies, procedures or staff.
  • Deck Support: Maintains curriculum quality, provides feedback and support to teachers. Liaison between teachers and parents and tracks student progress.
  • Swim Support: Jumps in to substitute and when a student needs a little extra help.
  • Swimformation: Customer service representatives who handle scheduling and booking as well as general questions.

So.....questions? Just ask! We're always happy to help!

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