Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Has Sprung, Let's Get Wet!

It's spring time.  We are enjoying this beautiful weather.  It's time to start thinking about summer and swimming!  Time to sign up for lessons:

If your kids are not in lessons, get them in NOW.  Summer is full of swimming and kids need to gear up.  Being out of the water for a time can cause them to regress.  They need to get their "sea legs" back in a sense.

When I teach, I can tell the kids who have had a break and they get back in the pool with me.  They might be nervous but their body also is stiff and jerky.  It takes a few weeks to go with the flow and become fluid again.

A nervous swimmer will also tend to breathe with their nose.  In swimming we want to breathe with our mouths.  At LPB we might use a nose "hugger" to help keep water out of their noses.  Sometimes while diving down to get rings or back swims might be a popular time for water to go up the nose.

How about that summer haircut.  I have many boys in my swim classes that have somewhat long hair.  When they get wet however, the hair gets longer and covers their goggles and they can't see.  I often have boys with long hair in my classes tie their hair up in a pony tail, unicorn style.  Girls also need to have their hair and bangs tied back.  It's helpful for parents to come prepared for swim class because we have 30 minutes to work hard and I don't want to waste time doing hair.

We sell goggles, fins and inner tubes at LPB.  These are great to have for summer swimming and vacations.  They also make great Easter basket stuffings!

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