Monday, June 24, 2013

Private Swim Lessons: Only the Best for My Child (or is it...?)

For many years, La Petite Baleen did not offer semi-private or private lessons. There are many reasons why we didn't offer this type of lesson, one of which was pool space. When we only had 2 locations, we were literally "overflowing" with students and needed to accomodate as many kids as possible.  Once we opened our 3rd location in San Francisco, we finally had some breathing room and slowly opened up private lessons. 

Today, we have noticed a trend in parents requesting private or semi-private lessons for their children. At LPB, we suggest parents give group lessons a try before jumping right into private lessons for many reasons:
  • Peer pressure. In our extensive experience, children learn faster with their peers (yes, peer pressure can be a good thing!)
  • Kids thrive in a group environment. Burn out is much more common in a private lesson simply because it's more fun to swim with friends!
  • Private lessons can be very intense "one on one" with a grown up. This can intimidate small children.
  • Life lessons. At LPB we're not just teaching swim skills, we're teaching life lessons. Waiting your turn, following directions, and good sportsmanship (yes, sometimes a classmate will earn a sticker or ribbon before you...say "congratulations and give them a big high five!)
Private and semi-private lessons serve a purpose and in some cases they can be helpful. 
  • If your child has special needs and cannot be mainstreamed safely, private lessons are a perfect match. 
  • If your child is close to their next ribbon but need a little extra "tutoring" on the side a few private lessons can help get them to their goal. 
  • Semi private lessons are great for parents of multiples or siblings under the age of 3. Children ages 30 months and up can go in without an adult in a semi private.
Typically, young children thrive in our group lesson program. As discussed above, there are some circumstances where a private or semi-private lesson would be more appropriate, but more often than not group lessons are best. Give it a try before you invest in private/semi-private lessons!

Happy Splashing,

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