Saturday, June 20, 2009

How To REALLY Love A Child

Parenting is a huge slice of life: moments of joy, times of exhaustion, with everything else in between. All children follow a developmental journey that we need to understand and respect.

At La Petite Baleen we have a developmental curriculum, and it is a holistic view of children. Emotional growth is a major part of cognitive and physical growth. Some simple but elemental are incorporated so a child indeed develops all aspects of themselves in swim lessons.

Love and discipline are two sides of this coin. By creating boundaries (expectations of behavior while acknowledging feelings) your child becomes secure and happy. Knowing no matter how much he/she "loses it", we will always be a foundation and a secure haven to trust, while children explore, learn and grow in the right direction.

Children are not ready to be in charge of their choices. They are animals of action, not of adult words. The young brain is a huge ego and wants instant gratification on the outside. They need someone who can give directed, limited choices until they begin to show the ability to see how actions bring consequences. This starts happening around 7 years a of age.

Saying "NO" in a kind, firm way would be more loving than a reluctant yes or indecisive maybe. In practical terms, it is their job to test the limits while it is our job to guide them within limits. Following through with our words is crucial.

In the end, you will get through the teen years with much more grace...and end up being great adult friends.

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