Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome to "Whale Wisdom"!

The purpose of "Whale Wisdom is to share my 45 years of teaching children of all ages in the water. I often see parents confused but eager to help their children grow, learn and have wonderful experiences. Unfortunately, good intentions are misdirected when we try to have a child-based, NOT a family-based life.

Parents LOVE their children. Having a fair, secure and appropriate child development base is the best path for everyone; parents need support in creating this and I will share my observations with you. I have taught over 60,000 babies in my life (that is an accurate number!) and while times have changed, children have not. They need parents who have clarity, compassion and the sheer strength to follow through with timely discipline and consequently, enjoying their children even more.

Raising children is fun, tiring, creative, and much more. I will have some amazing stories, funny observations and commentary for you about La Petite Baleen as I go about my own days with the swim schools.

Happy Splashing,


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